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Ballpark Collective Presents Short Straw 

(Made orginally in response to London Art Festival 'Art Licks' theme 'Interdependance')

Short Straw  (2019)   20' 27" 

Participating Artists: Aimée Neat, Sun Park, Susanne Dietz, Max Leach and Sarah Lewis  

Drawing on The Surrealists' game 'Exquisite Cadaver' as a metaphor for information exchange and interpretation, Short Straw interweaves our different ways of creating, point of view and use of form. 

The artist collective have responded to Art Licks’ theme with the idea of interdependence reflected in the working process. The parameters of this involve creating a moving image from 5 individual works, each made by one of the artists. Through the random act of ‘pulling sticks,’ the collective decided on a chronological order to respond and react. The artist who pulled the shortest straw started the process by creating a moving image piece based on their response to the theme of Interdependence. The work was presented to the next artist, who then responded with a work informed by their interpretation, or reaction to it. There was no discussion between the artists outside the ritual of passing the work to the next, allowing the process to highlight individual perspectives and the gaps in communication. When the process was complete, each of the works was edited together to create a whole.

Further drawing on Eisenstein’s view that ‘montage is an idea that arises from the collision of independent shots’ wherein ‘each sequential element is perceived not next to the other, but on top of the other’, the final and total project aims to reflect the idea that every piece is embedded in the whole. Sharing the process and the outcome to a broader audience completes the fundamental notion of ‘send’ and ‘respond.’

1. Sergei Eisenstein, 'A Dialectic Approach to Film Form' in  Film Form: Essays in Film Theory 

Translated and edited by Jay Leyda, 49 Harcourt & Brace Company, 1977




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