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Deptford X Fringe Festival JULY 9th -  18th 2021

Lost in Transit is an alternative audio guide by Ballpark Collective that nominates reverie as an optimal way finding. Whilst lost in a polyphony of hazy feelings and unfinished thoughts, participants are offered respite from the expectation to be somewhere.

Ballpark presented the first version of Lost In Transit as part of Deptford X 2021. For that series of performance-events, Lost In Transit began at Deptford Bridge DLR, made it’s way through Brookmill Park and finished at Elverson Road DLR.


The audio experience is delivered via Wiretapper: London App.  For all future happenings, Wiretapper: London App can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play

Audio by Susanne Dietz, Sarah Lewis, Aimée Neat and Sun Park

With live performance by Aimée Neat and Silvia Mercuriali (Roller Skater)

Sound mix by David Rosenberg

Supported by Wiretapper

Photography by Tim Bowditch


There Is No Other Place Than This Place by Susanne Dietz 

Salami Sausage by Sarah Lewis 

sniff by Sun Park 

Mind Full by Aimée Neat