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Deptford X Fringe Festival JULY 9th -  18th 2021

Lost in Transit is an alternative audio guide by Ballpark Collective that nominates reverie as an optimal way finding. Whilst lost in a polyphony of hazy feelings and unfinished thoughts, participants are offered a respite from the drive to get somewhere.

This is a LIVE event that begins at Deptford Bridge DLR, makes it’s way through Brookmill Park and finishes at Elverson Road DLR. The audio guide is delivered via Wiretapper: London App which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play.

Contributions by Susanne Dietz, Sarah Lewis, Aimée Neat and Sun Park

Sound mix by David Rosenberg

Roller Skater Silvia Mercuriali

Supported by Wiretapper

Audio Guide Schedule

Fri 9th - Sun 11th July at 2PM, 3PM and 4PM 

Fri 16th - Sun 18th July at 2PM, 3PM and 4PM 


(Important!) Arrive at the entrance of Broadway Fields between Deptford Bridge DLR Station and Ravensbourne River 

Give yourself some time to open the app and grab a handout before the event starts. See the map below for the location.

Google Map: 


What you need

  • Book your time slot. You will receive your ACCESS CODE 24h before the event 

  • Download the app and enter the code as soon as you receive one 

  • Make sure you bring your smartphone and headphones to the event 



  • You will need enough storage on your phone to download the event (20MB)  

  • There is no public Wi-Fi available in the park. Please ensure that you have mobile data to access the event  


What we recommend

  • Enable the app’s notification to receive your event reminder  

  • Good quality headphones!  

  • Turn on ‘do not disturb’ to be immersed in the world of “Lost in Transit” but don’t put it into ‘airplane mode’. You need the internet!  

  • Close down all other apps to prevent latency  

  • Make sure you arrive early/on time! Each show has a specific time-slot and you will not be able to restart or join late  



If you experience issues during the event there are a few things you can try:  

1. Restart the app  

2. Check you connection. Turn off Wi-Fi and make sure your data is switched on  

3. Check other apps are closed  

4. Restart your phone  

If none of these works, find one of the event organisers or contact us. We will help you out!  

Please contact us at if you have any special access requirements to experience the event.