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Reality Sandwiches

Group Show


Participating artists: Aimée Neat, Sun Park, Susanne Dietz, Max Leach and Sarah Lewis   



Susanne Installation View.jpg

What’s Yours is Mine (2019)   Susanne Dietz

Sun Installation View.jpg

  Sympathetic Magic  (2019)   Sun Park


104 Million  (2019)   Aimée Neat

Sarah Instal Shot.jpg

Death by Blonde  (2019)    Sarah Lewis

Max Installation View-2.jpg

Flesh & Glass   (2019)   Max Leach

A naked lunch is natural to us,    

we eat reality sandwiches.    

But allegories are so much lettuce.    

Don't hide the madness.   


-Allen Ginsberg 'On Boroughs'    


Have you ever had a bite of a sandwich bursting with juicy flavours and crunchy textures? You can't help to ask--what's in it? Do you want to open the sandwich and see what's inside? Did you see the half-bitten cockroach between lettuce and bacon?    


It is a seductive mouthwatering three-decker that brings panic and hysteria. But we can't stop.  Although technologies have enabled us to solve mysteries of the universe and to carry tiny computers everywhere, we are more confused and overwhelmed than ever.    


With a motivation to pay attention to what makes us feel eerie, uncomfortable, and frustrated, we respond to our genuine emotions and inklings in 'Reality Sandwiches'. Rather than making any effort to come up with intelligent solutions to survive a saturated and delirious state, we take advantage of the medium of moving image that traverses reality and illusion over time.   


Reality Sandwiches is the first group exhibition presented by Ballpark Collective.